Life Lessons of a Bridesmaid

img_4733This past weekend, my best friend got married. I think that’s typically part of being a 20-something in this time. All of your friends start to get into serious relationships, then comes the ring and marriage. And soon it’ll be puppies and kids. (Puppies first, it’s like training for parenting. I’ve seen it happen many times.)

I had the privilege to be maid of honor in this wedding, and it was definitely a learning experience. I think there are several takeaways every bridesmaid can tell you.

So here are a few of the life lessons I learned from being part of this bridal party:

Life Lesson #1 – Elope. Just kidding. But if you can’t handle high stress, dealing with other people, and any kind of conflict, you might want to consider it.

Real Life Lesson #1 – Be prepared. That can look different for different people. Have a checklist on your phone, make a notebook, or hire someone to do it all for you. Just make
sure you plan and prepare for everything that way the beautiful day isn’t ruined by lack of planning.

Life Lesson #2 – Be flexible. Even with all the planning in the world, something is bound to go wrong. Find a way to deal with the problem. That means plans might change. But that’s okay. Roll with it.

Life Lesson #3 – Be happy. I know this sounds cliche, but really take time to enjoy the day. Be happy around your people. These are the bride’s and groom’s life-long friends: childhood, college, and future. Don’t be that one person that ruins the special day.

So there’s just a few things that I learned from being in a wedding. I’m sure there are so many more things you could add. But just remember to keep the special day special.


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