How Not to Get Lost Hiking


Last week, I posted a humorous take on some real situations in my life. Yes, they were 100% true. You can check it out here.

Last week, I also had the opportunity to correct one of those bad decisions by taking a second trip hiking and it went much better than the first one. See the above link for the story of the first hiking trip.

So here are a few tips to help you not get lost on your next hiking experience:

  1. Look at the website ahead of time. Check for all relevant information such as trail closings, weather, difficulty, etc. And also get directions to the trail head.
  2. Pack snacks, water, and a full change clothing. You may want to throw a pocket knife in there, a small first aid kit, and a towel for swimming.
  3. Wear comfortable, durable shoes. Whether it’s your favorite sneakers, hiking boots, or sandals, this probably isn’t the time to break in a new pair of shoes. Wear something you know you can rely on.
  4. Take a map or at least a picture of the trail map. And add the emergency phone number in there just in case. You never know what kind of….adventures…you may have.
  5. Don’t leave the trail. This is a good time to add the not-so-cliche information that you’ve been told about your whole life. I seriously suggest that you adhere to this one.
  6. Pay attention to the trail markers and landmarks. Don’t follow connectors because you will never get back to your starting point on time if that’s all you do.
  7. Keep track of time. Make sure you’re not staying out too late. Leave yourself time to get back to the car.

Well, there you have it. These are obviously part of my novice hiker’s guide to trails, but I hope you can learn from some of my mistakes. Now go plan and enjoy your next hiking trip!

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