Anti-Bucket List

You already have seen a sneak peak of my bucket list which is subject to change. There’s always something new to be added. Now let me introduce you to my anti-bucket list.

The first time I discovered the term anti-bucket list I honestly had no idea what it was. So where do we go when we don’t know something? Google, of course. Thank you for being so helpful. An anti-bucket list are those things that you will never do. Those things that make you cringe or just straight up despise will end up on this list.

So here goes nothing:

  1. I will never own a parrot. The screeching is annoying.
  2. I will never be a fashionista. Ask my family why.
  3. I will never be an interior designer. You can ask my family about this one too.
  4. I will never be an Alabama fan. Go Dawgs!
  5. I will never fold my underwear. Life’s too short to waste with such trivial organization.
  6. I will never give up coffee. Save for health purposes.
  7. I will never seriously rant on social media. That’s obnoxious.
  8. I will never use a scale as my sole source of health evaluation. Been there; done that.
  9. I will never live downtown. Biggest reason: traffic.
  10. I will never own a singing appliance. Whether it’s a washing machine, dishwasher, or whatever else people create that sings, it’s not happening. Those things creep me out. Thanks, Criminal Minds.