Beauty and the Bible

About a year ago, I noticed this thing called Bible journaling during my incessant Pinterest scrolling. Yes, I’m a little obsessed with Pinterest. Okay, maybe a lot obsessed. But as a teacher, there are so many good things to be found on there. Plus the e-cards are always good for a laugh. But let me get back to the point of today’s post.

I noticed these colorful concoctions popping up on my Pinterest page and as I took a closer look, I realized these beautiful images were drawn in a Bible.

Insert shocked emoji here.

Growing up in conservative Christian circles, I absolutely could not believe that this kind of thing was being done in a Bible. How is that possibly okay? The Bible is holy. Is scribbling all over it really showing it the respect it deserves?

I quickly wrote off the idea of this kind of art in a Bible, but just a few weeks ago, the idea popped up again, this time thanks to Instagram. I saw beautiful images depicting what the Bible verses really said and I was drawn closer to God’s Word as a result of this.

So I began researching whether or not this is okay. After studying my Bible, reading many articles, and praying over this issue, I came to the conclusion that I would start Bible journaling to help me grow in my personal walk with God.

Maybe you’re struggling with whether or not it’s okay to create art like this in your Bible. Let me share with you some things to think about when considering this for yourself:

  1. Why are you journaling in your Bible?
  2. When are you journaling in your Bible?
  3. How is journaling in your Bible helping you grow in your walk with God?

Now I’m not saying this will answer all your questions, but hopefully it will inspire you to dig into your own personal stance on this topic.

Also, come back later to see some of my Journaling Bible pages.


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