Old Ends…New Beginnings


This is perhaps my favorite quote of all time, but especially at this time of year. New Years Day. You’ve heard all the cliche quotes. Today is the first day in a 365 day book. Write your story well. This is your year. Out with the old in with the new.

But will you really make a change?

For most people, the answer is probably not. You’ll try. You set New Years resolutions. You want to lose weight, save money, and be nicer. But how can you ever attain these lofty expectations?

Here are just a few ideas to help you as you’re setting and keeping New Years resolutions.

  • Be realistic. Don’t choose goals that you know you can’t attain. Make sure it’s something that is actually possible.
  • Be specific. Don’t say “lose weight.” Don’t even say “lose 10 pounds.” Make practical steps of how to achieve that. Go to the gym 3 times a week. Choose (and do) a new workout plan. Change your diet (Hint: make a lifestyle change, not just a fad diet).
  • Be consistent. Review your resolutions often. Change them if you need to, but keep at it. Realize you’re going to fail in some things, and that’s okay! Get back up and get going when you fall.

So with that said, that’s what I try to keep in mind when I set new goals. I’m kind of obsessed with goal setting so you’ll have to bear with all of the lists you’ll find on the blog.  You can check out my 101 in 1001 here. It’s the latest list before the one you’ll see below.

I hope my New Years resolutions inspire you to go out and conquer your own!

  • Learn something new every day.
  • Save $1000.
  • Do a no spend month.
  • Take a free online class.
  • Listen to 5 podcasts on new topics.
  • Blog/write more (1 post a week).
  • Read one book a month (reading list to come).
  • Organize my closet.
  • Get rid of clothes I don’t wear.
  • No soda for the year
  • Take a chance on love if the opportunity arises.
  • Be kind (kindness challenge also to come).
  • Take a picture a day.
  • Learn a new language on a free app (Check out Duolingo).
  • Keep up my workout routine.
  • Take a mini road trip.

101 Things that Make Me Happy

Here’s a random challenge that I decided to take on. It’s always good to have some positive things to think on. My 101 things that make me happy are listed below 🙂 What are yours?

  1. Chips and salsa
  2. Ice cream
  3. A good book
  4. Singing/humming
  5. Journals
  6. Running
  7. Pizza!!!
  8. Laughing
  9. Tacos
  10. Walks on the beach
  11. Swimming
  12. Baseball
  13. Football
  14. Coffee
  15. Music
  16. Lists
  17. Pinterest
  18. Stargazing
  19. Country roads
  20. Fires in the fall
  21. Coloring
  22. A hug from a child
  23. When a student finally gets it
  24. Fall weather
  25. Boots
  26. A good pair of jeans
  27. Driving with the top down
  28. When someone goes out of their way just to say hi
  29. Sweatpants
  30. Baggy tshirts
  31. Christmas lights
  32. Real conversations
  33. Coloring
  34. Fuzzy socks
  35. Movies: Pirates of the Caribbean and the A-Team
  36. Hoodies
  37. A sense of accomplishment
  38. Sarcastic humor
  39. Cheesy jokes
  40. Camels
  41. My favorite scarf
  42. Summer sun by a pool
  43. Lying in a hammock
  44. A noisy house – siblings
  45. Grumpy Cat
  46. Christmas music
  47. Playing guitar
  48. A story that makes me think
  49. Funny quotes and sayings
  50. Coffee mugs
  51. Fluffy dogs
  52. Friends who get you
  53. Having family close
  54. Technology
  55. Having a fan on at night
  56. Doggie cuddles
  57. Apple products
  58. Hiking somewhere beautiful
  59. 8 hours of sleep
  60. Not having to set an alarm
  61. Dancing
  62. A long-needed hug
  63. Writing
  64. Beautiful poetry
  65. Making people smile
  66. Road trips
  67. Bright running shoes
  68. Getting a package or letter
  69. Results from a workout
  70. Wireless headphones
  71. Haiti
  72. Finding new places
  73. Chris Pratt
  74. Redeeming Love by Francine Rivers
  75. Captain America
  76. Peach tea in summer
  77. Dressing up for a special occasion
  78. Bumming it the rest of the time
  79. Driving fast
  80. Learning new facts
  81. Studying personality types
  82. Helping someone
  83. Painted nails
  84. Craft projects
  85. Making people smile
  86. Gold jewelry
  87. Snow days and snow in general
  88. Fresh fruit
  89. Genuine compliments
  90. Snapchat filters (selfies can be fun!)
  91. Cheesecake
  92. Setting goals and making them happen
  93. New Girl
  94. Reba
  95. Precious moments coloring pages (and just coloring)
  96. Movie nights
  97. Greek food
  98. Cooking a new meal
  99. Slippers
  100. Shooting a gun and hitting the target
  101. Second chances

It’s the Climb

img_3447“Always gonna be another mountain.

Always gonna want to make it move.

Always gonna be an uphill battle.

Sometimes you’re gonna have to lose.

Ain’t about how fast I get there.

Ain’t about what’s waiting on the other side.

It’s the climb”

Hiking a mountain is one of the greatest adventures even if it’s just a simple one.

There’s nothing quite like reaching the top of the mountain. The air is cooler. The sky is brighter. You feel like you are on top of the world.

But what about how you got there?

Would the view even be worth anything if you didn’t put any effort into it?

I think the answer is yes. The view is still beautiful. On the mountain you see pictured, there’s an option to ride a sky bucket to the top. But climbing the mountain yourself is invigorating. It’s energizing. It’s an achievement, an accomplishment. It’s inspiring.

When you put effort into something, it makes the end result so much more valuable. The song mentioned above is one of my personal favorites because it’s really not about how fast you get wherever you’re going. Life is a journey. What memories will you make? What legacies will you leave behind? Enjoy the climb. (And take a real climb sometime in your life. You won’t regret it.)

101 in 1001

One thing you’ll notice often on this blog are lists. I’m kind of a fanatic when it comes to lists. To do lists, shopping lists, not to do lists. If it can be made into a list, I’ll do it.

Well, once upon a time while reading some blogs, I came across this type of list:


101 goals in 1001 days. I know. It sounds a little crazy. But I’ll be the first to admit that I am slightly crazy. But as Alice in Wonderland says, “You’re entirely bonkers. But I’ll tell you a secret. All the best people are.” So crazy isn’t necessarily a bad thing. This list helps me to control the crazy some and accomplish some amazing things over the next few years.

Here’s the scoop:

I’m going to set out on a journey to accomplish these 101 goals in 1001 days. You can find the original inspiration here. That gives me about 2.75 years to make these things happen. They are specific things that are absolutely attainable. Why set goals if they can’t be accomplished?

Dreams with deadlines become realities.

My dreams? Some of them are personal. Some are professional. Some are just plain crazy. But they’re all things to make this life an adventure of my very own. So here it goes.

Start Date: October 5, 2016

End Date: July 3, 2019

  1. Create a personal blog
  2. Blog about this list over the next 1001 days
  3. Do all three splits
  4. Get in shape for summer
  5. Get a massage
  6. Master a handstand
  7. Master a cartwheel
  8. Organize my closet
  9. Organize my bookshelf
  10. Get started with freelance writing
  11. Write a short story
  12. Work on a children’s book
  13. Invest in a new car
  14. Go to a college football game
  15. Read 25 books
  16. Read 5 nonfiction books
  17. Read and watch the Harry Potter series
  18. Do volunteer work
  19. Start a savings for retirement
  20. Go to a drive in movie
  21. Spend a summer traveling
  22. Pay off school loans
  23. Go apple picking
  24. Unsubscribe from unwanted emails
  25. Send 25 handwritten notes
  26. Create a coffee bar
  27. Complete the 100 pushup challenge
  28. Answer the 50 questions that will free your mind
  29. Write a list of 101 things I’ve already achieved
  30. Leave 101 post-it notes of encouragement
  31. Make a list of 101 things I’m grateful for
  32. Go to an overnight retreat/conference
  33. Create a budget and stick to it
  34. Go swing dancing
  35. Leave a favorite book on a public bench for someone else to enjoy
  36. Go back to Haiti
  37. Sponsor a child for Haiti
  38. Be able to carry on a casual conversation in Creole
  39. Send someone an unexpected gift
  40. Write a letter to a favorite author
  41. Stargaze in a truck bed
  42. Make a pizza from scratch
  43. Write a blog post in Spanish
  44. Take a dance class
  45. Get a hotel room
  46. Read a book in a day
  47. Journal for a month
  48. Visit Savannah
  49. Make sushi
  50. Take a writing retreat
  51. Create a capsule wardrobe
  52. Move into my own place
  53. Do a photo shoot just for fun
  54. Do a photo challenge
  55. Try kickboxing
  56. Take a self-defense class
  57. Make a list of quotes that inspire me
  58. Buy a bike
  59. Enter a writing contest
  60. Give a sincere compliment/text to someone every day for a month
  61. Watch fireworks
  62. Save $5 for each goal completed
  63. Over $1000 in savings
  64. Buy a gun
  65. Get my license to carry
  66. Leave a 100% tip
  67. Secret Santa for a needy family
  68. Take a meal to someone in need
  69. Try yoga
  70. Throw someone a surprise party
  71. Create a crayon art project
  72. Create a balloon dart paint project
  73. Go ice skating
  74. See the nutcracker ballet
  75. Buy nothing new for one month
  76. Attend a concert
  77. Give a homeless person a Christmas present
  78. Run a 5K
  79. Run a 10K
  80. Run a half marathon
  81. Visit a new coffee shop
  82. Go to a bonfire
  83. Grow a tomato plant
  84. Go to a Christmas concert
  85. Read a book of poetry
  86. Make a scarf
  87. Make a CD or playlist for a friend
  88. Go on a hike
  89. Go camping
  90. Bake something for the fire station
  91. Write a letter to a soldier
  92. Explore a cave
  93. Don’t take money out of savings for two months
  94. Make a budget and stick to it
  95. Visit the Smoky Mountains
  96. Send a post card
  97. Make a cheesecake from scratch
  98. Sleep in a hammock
  99. Do a cover of a song
  100. Write a song
  101. Make a new list

So there you have it. Let the adventure begin!

Life is an Adventure

Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all.

– Helen Keller

Life is full of so many ways to create our own adventures but often we miss these opportunities. We have thousands of experiences, yet we fail to see the joy in them. So that’s why I created this blog.

I want you to be able to see the little moments that can turn into great adventures. If it weren’t for precious moments, we would have no life at all.

How do you find adventure?

It’s easy.

Open your eyes.

I promise there is adventure waiting right in front of you. All you have to do it reach out and grab it. It doesn’t have to be a major life changing moment. It’s all those little moments that turn into the greatest memories.

Go out and live your daring adventure.